SBO | Strategic Business Operations brings 30+ years of experience in information governance, compliance, and operations consulting to assist companies in achieving operational excellence.

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SBO Founder, Wendy Riggs, has built systems/programs related to information governance, eDiscovery, compliance, and operations from the ground up in her roles with many companies, including Airbnb, Twitter, and Zynga. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and knows how to strategically combine people, processes, and technology to create the necessary framework for these systems/programs to operate and scale effectively and efficiently.

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  • Wendy delivers results. I was fortunate enough to have Wendy on our team at Airbnb legal, and she was instrumental in getting our data and legal operations function off the ground and humming. She integrated herself seamlessly into Airbnb's fast-paced culture and collaborated so effectively with others in the department and across functions. She always came to me with solutions, not problems, and I would hire her again without any hesitation.

    Rob Chesnut
    former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb, Author of the Bestseller "Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead An Ethical Revolution"
  • Wendy would be an extraordinary asset to any operations team. I was lucky enough to work with Wendy for two years at Airbnb, where she demonstrated both exceptional creative problem-solving skills and the ability to drive change and move projects forward--a rare and valuable combination! Most importantly she is a hardworking, dedicated, and generous colleague.

    Megan Cesare-Eastman
    Lead Counsel Product, Host Community at Airbnb
  • I had the pleasure of working with Wendy on many projects over the years. Wendy is a strategic thinker - she always has a clear understanding of overall projects goals and the steps necessary to achieve these. She is an excellent communicator and brings a very positive approach to solving problems. I enjoyed working with Wendy and would strongly recommend her.

    R Priya Keshav
    Founder and CEO of Meru Data LLC, a company focused on building solutions to simplify information governance